Criminal Law

In addition to the odds and sods appearing on this blog, there are, from time to time, more serious longer pieces on various criminal law issues. I’ve collected these pieces together and set them out below. The list will update as and when new content appears on the blog.


CONCEPTUALISING CONFRONTATION | A series of posts looking at the conceptual construction of the “right of confrontation” and witness anonymity.

  • (May 2011): Part 1 | Introduction (click here)
  • (June 2011): Part 2 | The Contents of the Right (click here)
  • (August 2011): Part 3 | The Relationship Between the Four Components of the Conceptual Model (click here)
  • (August 2011): Part 4 | Rationalising the Right to Confrontation (click here)
  • (September 2011): Part 5 | Anoymous Witness Evidence (Generally)
  • (October 2012): Part 6 | Anonymous Witness Evidence in English Law (click here)
  • (October 2012): Part 7 | Concluding Notes (click here)


WHEN CRIMINAL JUSTICE GETS THE WRONG ANSWER | A shortish analysis of the Supreme Court’s decision in R (Adams) v Secretary of State for Justice [2011] UKSC 18

  • (May 2011): When Criminal Justice Gets the Wrong Answer (click here)


HOW DO ALLEGED INTERNATIONAL CRIMES WIND UP IN THE ICC? | A series of posts looking at the mechanics of the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction.

  • (May 2011) Part 1: Jurisdiction (click here)
  • (May 2011) Part 2: Admissibility (click here)

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