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Understanding case preparation research routes

The legal information market in the UK is a mish-mash of free and very expensive research platforms. Some of them online, others are in print.

In the online market, at one end of the spectrum, we have BAILII – at the other end, we have the likes of WestlawUK and LexisLibrary. Hovering in the middle of the product spectrum are the lighter-weight subscriber platforms, such as those offered by the ICLR, Justis and other specialist publishers.  Some lawyers, I am told, even make use of Google searches and Wikipedia.

Online information is by no means the end of the matter. From Archbold, The White Book, Chitty, Clerk & Lindsell and so on, printed works also feature heavily in our legal research arsenal.

I’m about to carry out a research project aimed at understanding legal research patterns, principally among those in practice at the Bar.

I’m still gathering my thoughts on how best to execute this research, but if you think you’d be happy for me to contact you to ask you some questions or to take a very quick survey, please level a comment below this post or tweet me @danhlawreporter.




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I am a law reporter employed by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales. I write law reports for the Official Law Reports, the Weekly Law Reports and the Public and Third Sector Reports. I also write on a freelance basis for the Road Traffic Reports and the Times Reports.

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